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Game… okay, I’m in!

I started to read a book on minimalism for my book club and found the idea interesting and intriguing.

… now before we go much further, let’s get some stuff straight.  I really love clothes and I’m pretty good at filling up my house with things that I think I “need.”

Home 1


And I’m pretty good at the occasional purge,


Purge 1

The funny thing is looking at this picture I don’t even miss any of the clothes I donated. I haven’t given them a second thought ONCE and it was so hard to get rid of them.


but this is going to be a little more drastic.

They call themselves The Minimalists and here is the GAME!

So April 1st, here we are and this isn’t a joke.  I’m going to purge (to Goodwill or to the next NakedLadyParty) items each day correlating to the number of the day.  I also am not going to buy anything for the entire month of April with the exception of groceries and the eating / drinking out.  Sure, I’ll go to a baseball game (it is close to opening day after all), but no buying a purple shirt just for the game that I will NEVER wear again.

2015: New Knitting Projects & More Urban Exploration

A new year and a fresh start, at least that’s what is sometimes feels like with the cluster of holidays behind us and hopefully a bit more time on our hands.

For me, I would like to follow a little bit closer some words of advice that I permanently affixed to my forearm as a reminder to make decisions that serve my higher Self.

Follow Your Bliss

This also means making time to do activities I like, for example, my new knitting project that I can’t wait to get onto my needles:

Chelsea Morning Sweater by Elizabeth Davis at [PLAINSTITCH]

Chelsea Morning Sweater by Elizabeth Davis at [PLAINSTITCH]

…and spending more time sharing my explorations.  Here is a sneak peak of some photos coming up from my recent treks to the midwest!

Minneapolis Warehouse

lofts in the Minneapolis Warehouse District

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2015, looking forward to some awesome times!

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