I started to read a book on minimalism for my book club and found the idea interesting and intriguing.

… now before we go much further, let’s get some stuff straight.  I really love clothes and I’m pretty good at filling up my house with things that I think I “need.”

Home 1


And I’m pretty good at the occasional purge,


Purge 1

The funny thing is looking at this picture I don’t even miss any of the clothes I donated. I haven’t given them a second thought ONCE and it was so hard to get rid of them.


but this is going to be a little more drastic.

They call themselves The Minimalists and here is the GAME!

So April 1st, here we are and this isn’t a joke.  I’m going to purge (to Goodwill or to the next NakedLadyParty) items each day correlating to the number of the day.  I also am not going to buy anything for the entire month of April with the exception of groceries and the eating / drinking out.  Sure, I’ll go to a baseball game (it is close to opening day after all), but no buying a purple shirt just for the game that I will NEVER wear again.