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Geneva Yoga i 200 Hour Root Integrative Vinyasa Yoga, 200 RYT with Yoga Alliance

Geneva currently teaches at Yoga Pod Lodo, Kindness Yoga, and Patagonia at their LoDo location in Denver, CO

Wednesday 12:00 pm (60 Min) Align & Flow Level 2 Kindness LogoPlatte Street Studio
Thursday 6:30 am (60 Min) Yin / Vin Kindness LogoPlatte Street Studio
First & Third Wednesday
of the Month 7:30 pm (60 Min)Waiver Form
All Levels Vinyasa Flow
patagonia-logo15th & Blake

Geneva Adho Mukha VrkasanaYoga challenges me to find the balance, between effort and ease, perseverance and surrender, work and play, the city and the mountains (which I love equally). This challenge is both physical, discovering the capabilities and limits of my own body, and mentally, balancing a diversity of personal aspirations with the flow of life.

My favorite way to get rooted is cooking colorful meals at home with friends, biking with my dog Mason around our city neighborhood and observing the change in the urban fabric, and my rolling out my mat, taking time to tune out all the chaos; to really ground down through my sit bones and just breath.

Yoga inspires in me is a sense of community and a supported environment to continue to grow. In my yoga practice I am constantly evolving and seeking, with blissful moments of complete content and surprise.

In teaching I aspire bring to each class strength and dedication through passion for the practice, compassion for the body and release of the mind.

Geneva and Mason


  1. You rock! I look forward to practicing with you Soon!!!

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